Royal City Brewing Company is a small batch brewing company located in Guelph, Ontario. The goal for the project was to take an existing company and re-brand them. In doing so, I created a new logo, stationary set, and a brand guideline for the company to follow.

A poster I created using Adobe Dimension


The concept behind The Royal City Rebrand, was to have it reflect the origins of its name. The company was named after the City of Guelphs nickname, Royal City, as it was named to honour a British royal family who founded the area in 1827. All design concepts were to tie the city of Guelph with the product.

Logo Design

The new logo design features a trojan horse wearing a crown in the shape of a bottle cap. The trojan horse is derived from the City of Guelph’s coat of arms, while the bottle cap reflects the product being sold. The colour palette of black and silver is to reflect a royal/medieval feel.

Original Logo


Apart from creating a new logo for the company, I also created a complete stationary set and brand guidelines. In branding a business, it is important to have a cohesive look across all platforms. These guidelines keep the company on track when creating new items for the business.


The creative process consisted of 2 rounds of weekly sketches, which resulted in two different concepts. A final design soloution was then decided upon two logo variations.


Round 1


Round 2

Concept 1

Concept 2

Final Pictorial / Wordmark