Hair by Janice is an independently run beauty salon that focuses on inclusivity and acceptance. This project had me working in-person with a client within a small team of students. In my role as the project lead, I oversaw the development of a new logo, brand guidelines, and providing critiques and guidance. I also fully designed and developed the new website using Jekyll and Netlify.


Our business objective was to create a user-friendly website that would help our client grow her customer base. Our client wanted to cater to men, women, the LGBQT community and anyone who desired a safe space. Along with a new website, we also created a new logo and brand guidelines to help capture this look. The final product needed a welcoming look that would be cohesive across all media platforms.

Logo Design

The new Hair by Janice logo was designed to cater to Janice’s target customer base. Our client wanted a brand that conveyed the message that everyone is welcome. Our client is big in the LGBQT community and we wanted to embrace that. The upside down triangle is generally viewed as a sign of equality and pride. The colour and simplicity of the logo was to give a gender neutral feel as well as being warm and inviting. The logo was designed to give a neon sign feel that is trendy in the hairdressing industry.

Design Process

The design process began with market research which enabled us to create questions for our first one-on-one meeting with our client. From there, sketches of the website wireframes and logo were devised. The wireframe sketches were created in Adobe XD, a prototyping software for web and mobile apps. Two more client meetings were conducted to refine the final website design. The website was created in a text editor called Atom.

Final Web Design

The most important factor for the new website was functionality, ease of use and having users able to book an appointment efficiently. The site needed to emphasize that Janice is more than just a hairstylist, but instead she can cater to an individual's needs and is available off set. Furthermore, our client understands how pricing can be misconceiving at other studios, and that bills can change from person to person. At her studio she charges a flat rate, and wanted it shown on her front page. Other musts were having a blog page and an updated modern interface design that would attract new customers.

CMS Implementation

To allow customizability of the website for the client, I implemeted Netlify, a content management systems that builds the website with Jekyll. Netlify allows me as the developer to choose what areas the client will be able to change and update. This allows me to ensure the client can keep their content up to date, without having to worry about breaking their website.