The Ottawa 67’s campaign was a campaign designed to get consumers to buy tickets in large quantities. The focus was to target groups and teams by offering discounted ticket pricing for bulk purchasing. Pieces created for the campaign were two web banners, two print advertisement ads, a facebook timeline, and a bus transit sign.

Campaign Design

The chosen concept for the Ottawa 67’s ticket campaign was Save Big. The concept focuses on the key player on any hockey team, the goaltender. A goalie is the last line of defence whose sole purpose is to save pucks. This can be seen as a direct comparison to the consumer, whose main purpose is to save money. This made for the perfect slogan to focus on for advertising the campaign.

Web Banner


Web Banner


Print Advertisement


Print Advertisemnet

Black & White

Facebook Timeline

Profile Icon and Timeline

Outdoor Advertisement

Bus Transit Sign

Creative Process

The creative process began with market research. Once research was conducted, 3 sets of campaign sketches were conducted. All photographs used in the campaign were taken by myself and edited in Photoshop.

Concept 1


Concept 2


Concept 3



Adobe Photoshop